Nina Hansen, performer and actress, and Barbara Bernardi, visual artist and filmmaker, have been working together for some years on the theme of Longing / belonging, on the sense of belonging that does not end in a country, a place, a city but is more profound and he is confronted with the sense of disorientation and disorientation that one feels, for example, in living in the place where one was born and whose language one knows but without recognizing oneself.
You can move for a war, for hunger, to get a job, to study, then you idealize the abandoned place and then relive it and feel like strangers, again. This existential need to find one’s place in the two artists is particularly present because they live in countries other than those in which they grew up: Barbara Bernardi is Italian and I live in Berlin, Nina Hansen is Swedish and lives in Denmark.
From here begins the continuous search for a “feeling at home” which, like a perennial nostalgia, finds no answer. A constant and present desire that does not come true and that continues to ask the question: β€œis this my place? Is this my house?