Barbara Bernardi, born in Padua, I. She studied film directing in Milan and she has hit a Master in Fine Arts at the Chelsea College in London. She was a director for the Italian national music TV channel AllMusic, she was the video artist for theatre plays and exhibitions. In 2008 she moved to Berlin where she has been dedicating herself to multimedia installations and filmmaking, in telling visionary stories and creating poetic landscapes. Barbara’s work has been exhibited and screened across Europe, like Berlin, Nantes, Londra, Copenhagen, Akureyri, Braumschweig, Milano, Amsterdam. She won some prestigious awards in Italy. She was selected for the Gil Residency in Island in 2017. She collaborates with artists from different disciplines. Since 2019 she organizes as Duo BarLin participatory art workshops in Berlin which where funded by different institutions

Take part in Corpi (non) on stage 2022 with Nina Hansen.

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