Bodies on stage 2021

Two evenings of theater performances

Valerio Ambiveri | Teresa Antignani | Matteo Coluccia | Nicola Di Caprio | Manuel Esposito and Aronne Pleuteri | Chiara Gambirasio | Goldschmied & Chiari | Luigi Presicce | Sergio Racanati | Superteste | Marcella Vanzo | presents Andrea Contin

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 December 2021
Linguaggicreativi Theater, via Villoresi 26, Milan

After last year’s forced break, on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 December 2021, Corpi sul palco is finally back live on stage, the festival of artistic performances in theater inaugurated in 2019 at Teatro Linguaggicreativi, curated and presented by Andrea Contin with international visual artists, emerging and newcomers who, from the world of visual arts, are confronted here with the fourth wall of the stage. After the long closure of the theaters, the protagonists of the two evenings will come out again from the usual exhibition contexts, now also widely virtual, to perform in the symbolic but concrete space of the representation, the stage of the theater, for the audience present in the hall.

Born from the meeting between the artist and curator Andrea Contin with Simona Migliori, Paolo Trotti and Ilaria Piccardi of Teatro Linguaggicreativi in ​​Milan, Corpi sul palco debuted with the two sold-out evenings of the first edition staged in Milan in 2019 and, after the unexpected and sudden stop of all activities, continued its path with the success of the online event Corpi sul palco – performance from home in the time of quarantine in full lockdown, which was followed by the important exhibition at MMSU – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka in Croatia as an event of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture, and the hybrid return to the theater with Corpi (non) sul palco (Bodies (not) on stage), an unprecedented format in which the artists performed in streaming from their places of origin scattered around the world to be screened live for the audience only.

A surprising evolution and progression for a project where “the Performance finds citizenship by inspiration of artists and not critics or curators” – as Pietro Gaglianò wrote, quoting Bodies on stage in his recent text Psychopathology of Performance – which allowed the review to finally return to direct contact with the public in this new, highly anticipated live edition.

Also this time the invited artists belong to different generations and have heterogeneous expressive ways, so that the evenings of Corpi sul palco can offer a vision as symptomatic as possible of the world of performance in the visual arts, within a different context but precisely for this extremely stimulating and full of symbolic and psychological values.

Valerio Ambiveri, Teresa Antignani, Matteo Coluccia, Nicola Di Caprio, Manuel Esposito and Aronne Pleuteri, Chiara Gambirasio, Goldschmied & Chiari, Luigi Presicce, Sergio Racanati, Superteste and Marcella Vanzo participate in Bodies on stage 2021. The performances will follow one another with theatrical rhythm on the stage, presented by the curator and in turn artist and performer Andrea Contin, who will introduce the performances extemporaneously creating a common thread to the evenings.