Ivo Bonacorsi (Vergato, 1960) graduated in 1987 at the D.A.M.S of Bologna. In Bologna, he is very young at the Neon Gallery and takes part in the GAM at the first Performance Week event. Until 1987 he exhibited in private galleries, Chisel Genova, and major contemporary art fairs (Basel, Geneva). Since 1987 he has concentrated his activity on non-profit spaces and pop-up exhibitions. He is exhibiting at Care / of Milan and at the Triennale of Milan. From 1993 to 2000 was represented by Simona Bordone gallery in Milan. Among his latest public projects Screens, barricades and other images by Roberto Pinto and the Isola Art Center A tainted event with Steve Piccolo and Mirella Miramuci and 100flowers revisited at Farmacia Wurmkos. He collaborates as a critic and journalist with newspaper il Manifesto, Alias, Radio Popolare, Flash Art. In 1997 he moved to Paris where he was one of the founders of the Arearevue art magazine. He suspends all exhibitions with the Announced Retirement Performance (2005) , a real boxe match dedicated to Arthur Cravan, and transformed himself in a calendar artist and cult chef. Currently lives in Oslo, where he is advising for ecological and artistic projects, and writing cookbooks. Bonacorsi taught at Southern Methodist University and Ecole Parsons in Paris and the Paris College of Art (PCA) Fine Arts Department. He is blogger and contributor of Domus Magazine’s website and occasionally for Exibart.

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