Adi Shakti, 2019

Ilaria Piccardi, born in Alessandria in 1991, lives and works in Milan where, inspired by the artist Alessandra Spranzi, she is studying photography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Artist of great strength and sensitivity, he ranges in his interests between photography, video, theater and attention to social issues. In addition to the exhibition activity – including the collective Ne me quitte pas at the UPP Gallery in Venice in 2014 – he has already received appreciations and certificates, including the “special mention young talent” at the 2013 edition of the Art Gallery Award in Milan and the Labor and Psyche Cinematic Award of the National Cinema Museum Association of Turin with the short film Gray, Green, Blue in 2019.

She conceived, organized and participated in the first edition of Corpi sul palco in 2019

secretly, of course. | April 2020

Currently I don’t have a computer, they stole it from me (I won’t remember the dynamics). I don’t have my analog camera that was as old as mine, they stole it from me (same as for the computer).
I do not have a lot of money.
I no longer have a love.
I do not have a job.
I have six exams yet to finish at the photography specialist in Brera. I don’t like taking pictures, I like being able to deal with images.

I have a cheap enlarger, photographic acids and many cardboard boxes with which to build primitive pinhole cameras.
A red light bulb.
A house in Milan to empty.
I have a large octopus in the womb.
I have the number of Antonio Rezza.
I have many friends scattered throughout Italy that I would like to meet, embrace, kiss, caress, …

I no longer left for Puglia to empty the old family home a little and help my brother.
So afterwards I would have been free to travel!
Mom never wants to throw anything at all. E. has been gone for 16 years, my brother’s room has always been inhabited by an imposing closet full of (useless) things. We had wanted to get rid of it for years, but our mother has always prevented us.
A drawer still full of men’s underwear typical of the 80s, (at least) still new and never used.
A few days ago I decided not to listen to her anymore. I wanted to pay homage to my brother and free him of that burden.
I emptied the closet, I felt bad about the huge amount of stuff inside.
Believing I couldn’t do it alone, I tried to destroy it. Hammered.
The voice in the background of my mom tried to the last to dissuade me from what I had decided to undertake, “you are doing useless work” he repeated.

It fell, like a magical act.
Free everyone!

I want to chase a project, but I don’t have a project.
I have many ideas, desires, sensations. Stimuli.

With the new decree from 4 May, you will be able to visit your relatives (and stable affections) within your region … do I have to look for a stable affection by 4 May?
I now have Piedmont, home of Penone, Pistoletto, …

I want to find a cheap old camper
I want to find new friends to embrace, kiss, caress, …
I want to leave
I want to search …
maybe even find.

Meanwhile, I walk
(secretly, of course)