Aronne Pleuteri was born on April 4, 2001 in Erba and lives in nearby Anzano del Parco. Already in kindergarten he clearly shows his propensity for drawing, smearing the walls of the house or writing comics with the help of his grandfather; among these, “Dog goes on vacation”, which ends with the protagonist’s death by drowning, or “Ernesto goes fishing”, where sadness reigns supreme because of the inability to catch fish. In the second grade he approaches the world of music. The study of the transverse flute begins, which will continue until 2015, and subsequently becomes part of the band Giuseppe Verdi of Anzano del Parco, winner in 2014 of the competition for youth bands organized by the Philharmonic Society of Talamona (SO). In the first year of secondary school he starts experimenting with digital drawing and video making, making short animation videos such as “to cow or not to cow” where a cow kills himself because he doesn’t moo loud enough like his cow friend. During this period he won the first painting prize for three years in a row in the impromptu painting competition of Alserio. After finishing secondary school, he enrolled in the Amedeo Modigliani State Artistic Liceo in Giussano (MB), where he spent his lessons filling his sketchbooks with drawings, without leaving even an empty space. His first subjects are grotesque characters, immersed in cruel and macabre worlds. Proof of this is, in the first year of high school, “the Circus of Dreams” – drawing depicting a deformed creature that is derided, with which he won the regional prize in the context of the 13th international drawing competition “Color rights” , organized by the Malagutti Foundation of Curtatone (MN) – or even “Subconscious”, cartoon made in the second year of high school and winner of the third prize in the competition for cartoonists organized by the Amici di Marcello di Cabiate (CO) association, where Aronne is the younger participant. The following year, in the 14th international competition, his canvas “The not so Little Prince” was selected to be exhibited at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa on the occasion of the initiative “Meeting verses – Poetry of foster care”. His heinous design slowly evolves and the subjects become anthropomorphic animals, always naked, placed in a condition of evident discomfort and inadequacy within society. One example is “Being a Fox”, a comic created on the occasion of the 24h comic in 2017. In the third year of high school he works as a charachter designer and creates some of the animated characters of the educational-popular documentary on Piazza dei Mercanti in Milan, commissioned by the Municipality of Milan at Paopao Studio. His first canvases, with a predominance of acrylic, depict deformed characters with obvious mental discomforts. Dark tones predominate, contrasting with bright tones like pink. His style was in fact defined by his uncle as “cupism”. As for the hobby of music, having laid the transverse flute, too “classic”, he learns self-taught the electric bass, which plays in various groups. The musical training will then be useful for the realization of his videos with dark characters, visible on the “Obelisco Production” site, created together with his uncle and cousin to enclose all their artistic projects, including the collective multisensory installation “The night i come back home alone “. At the beginning of the fourth high school, with “La stanza”, he won the second prize in the painting competition organized by the school. In his high school years he was reported to the 26th Painting Prize of the Amici del Palazzo and Arese Borromeo Park Association in Cesano Maderno (MB) and was selected by the school to participate in the second Biennial of the Italian Artistic Lyceums in Rome, to which he landed with the video of animation “Around the Tree”. In November 2017 he began to exhibit his canvases in various collective exhibitions of young artists from Erbese, in 2018 he exhibited in the centuries-old tower of Alzate Brianza (CO) and won the critics prize at the street art contest organized by the cultural association Opificio Zappa di Erba, while in March 2019 it is his first solo exhibition at the Vignoli Museum in Seregno. After high school he enrolled in the Brera Academy, which he attends today.

One of his drawings has been included in The Coloring Book, edited by Rossella Farinotti and Gianmaria Biancuzzi on Milano Art Guide.

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