Sara Donzelli, actress, graduated from the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan. In theater she have worked with Alessandro Quasimodo, Toni Comello, Flavio Ambrosini, Mauricio Paroni De Castro, Enrique Pardo, Jurij Alschitz; in cinema with Carlo Lizzani and Heinz Butler; on television with Gianni Serra. In 2005 she founded the Accademia Mutamenti company with Giorgio Zorcù.
Since the beginning of her career she has been interested in poetry, both as an interpretative reading and as a stage presence based on the metaphysical gesture.
She graduated from DAMS with the thesis “The sunset room – towards a Poetry Theater” dedicated to an analysis of the dramaturgy of an actress in her interpretation of the poetic text by Lina Prosa; in 2022 she obtained her master’s degree with the thesis “Self-care and actor techniques – the stage presence between vocal gesture and figure”.

Accademia Mutamenti is a theater company and factory of artistic projects based in Grosseto and Milan, founded by Giorgio Zorcù and Sara Donzelli. The central features of his language are the quality of the actor’s work and the visionary nature of the scene; the themes dealt with are linked above all to the male-female dialectic, faced with the double gaze of contemporaneity and myth, fairy tale and tragedy. He has always been interested in the encounter with contemporary art and in the search for innovative spectacular formats. In 2019 he founded the transdisciplinary creative campus DUNE – Arti Paesaggi – Utopie, dedicated to interventions of art in nature.