Paolo Trotti, director and author, trained at the Paolo Grassi Civic Theater School. Twice reported by the jury of the Riccione Prize, in 2013 he received the special mention of the jury of the “Teatro Nudo” International Prize Teresa Pomodoro for the show Who does not work not, with the same show wins the Ermo Colle critics prize in 2016. His shows were staged at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, at the Teatro Litta, at the Teatro della Cooperativa, at Verdi, at Bellini in Naples, at Dehon in Bologna, at Teatro Franco Parenti, at the Santarcangelo and Colline Torinesi festivals. Since 2009 he has been the artistic director of the Teatro Linguaggicreativi in Milan, where he carries out work to promote and disseminate contemporary European dramaturgy.

He oversaw the first edition of Corpi sul palco in 2019.