Nicola Di Caprio (Caserta, 1963, lives and works in Milan) is a visual artist, musician, GIF maker and graphic designer. He has exhibited and played in galleries, museums, foundations and alternative spaces in Milan, Turin, Rome, Venice, Naples, Salerno, New York, Paris, Madrid, London, Toronto, Istanbul, Vienna, etc. In the mid-80s he played drums with Avion Travel and then formed various groups including rock, jazz, improvisation, spontaneous music and noise such as Superteste, WAST, Sparks, RawDuo !, carrying on the solo project at the same time. of music-performance “The Cosmic Child Who Resides In Me Smiles Mockingly”. He played and crossed instruments with Michel Doneda, Andrea Massaria, Xabier Iriondo, Sabir Mateen, Giovanni Falzone, Mauro Pagani, Ramuntcho Matta, Paolo F. Bragaglia, Jennifer Cabrera Fernandez, Gianluca Codegnini, Francesca Petrolo, Angelo Contini and many others.