Eléna Nemkova was born in Tajikistan and lives and works in Milan and St. Petersburg.

His work is a continuous observation of the evolution of science which translates into an attempt to bring it into the sphere of intimacy, humanity and the primordial. His drawings, sculptures and performances measure the differences and possible convergences between seemingly unassimilable dimensions.

In addition to having exhibited in various museums and international institutions, she produced the animated sets for the Nekyia Opera Installation (with Dmitry Kourliandky and Dimitris Yamalis and co-produced by Stanislavsky ElektroTeatr) at Voznesensky Center in Moscow in 2019, in 2016 she was a finalist of the Pomilio Blumm prize on the TV channel SKY ARTE, from 2009 to 2015 he is a member of the interdisciplinary group OUNPO _ Visual Forum.

His works have been exhibited in Kunsthalle (San Paolo), Manifesta 10 Parallel Program, (Saint Petersburg), Wacoal Art Center (Tokyo), Museum of Modern Art – MOMMA (Moscow), MART Museum (Trento and Rovereto), PERMM Museum ( Perm), Institute of Contemporary Arts (S. Francisco) and II Moscow Biennale.

She partecipated on the first edition of Corpi sul palco in 2019

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