Andrea Di Cesare (Pescara, 1977), ParaArtist, began his artistic process as a graffiti artist in the late 1980s. For a long time he acted and reacted as an independent and clandestine, reflecting the world he somehow underwent in complete freedom. He always let intuition provide him with the right tools and that technical knowledge did not tie him in any way to any media in particular.
Attracted by being in relation to his social construct, he tries to deepen the concept of balance both in the work and in the daily life that traces its foundations.
His home / studio is his living womb, and it is from within this place that he tries to perceive the world.

Always looking for atypical places, he exhibited in inhabited and uninhabited apartments, shop windows, public, virtual and underground places, setting up site-specific projects and exhibitions-events such as BAMBAGIA, space six (Pescara) in 2020, CURAMI, intimate project shared via whatsapp and telegram in 2019, BETWEEN IDOL AND DISGRACY, Web Project // CASE or ES Web Project A cycle of 9 videos in 2018, THE BETRAY OF BEING, A Showcase – Rome, in 2017, SEIN ist ZEIT (being is time) / / VIVEMUS by Simone Ciglia at Palazzo Filippone Mezzopreti Gomez (PE), DISERTA, Spoltore (PE), VISIONI DI GAIA, Monsampolo Del Tronto (AP), SEIN ist ZEIT (being is time) | SHARE ME, Inhabited Apartment in Pescara produced by: Alviani Art Space, ARCANO MUTO, produced by: Badass Coast Italian Skateboarding Family in 2016, CAPRI THE ISLAND OF ART, Hotel Syrene – Capri, in 2015, ARCHIVUM, Schmid Productions space – Milan and LIVE EVIL, Ultrastudio Pescara in 2014, HI Uninhabited apartment in Pescara in 2012, WELCOME, Marina, Pescara, curated by Mauro Bianchini in 2009, 8F0000 FREeSHOUT !? Ex Macelli, Prato, in 2008 and NEW EYES, Spoltore (PE) in 2005.

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